Can a professor require me to use the Writing Studio?


Can a professor recommend I use the Writing Studio?


Do I need a referral to the Writing Studio?


Is there a charge for using the Writing Studio?


Who can use the Writing Studio?

All Keiser University-Tampa students.

When is the Writing Studio open?

The Writing Studio is open five days per week. Writing consultants work on a rotating basis throughout the day and evening. All e-mails and calls will be returned within 24 hours. Find a more detailed schedule here.

Am I required to incorporate all the feedback from the Writing Studio into my paper?


Will I receive a good grade on my assignment if I use the Writing Studio?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee you a better grade. Our goal is to provide you meaningful and relevant feedback to help improve your learning experience.

Will my professor know that I used the Writing Studio?

Yes, when we send a thank you note after your visit, we send a notification to your professor.

Who should I contact if I have a complaint, suggestion, or compliment?

Contact Travis Kiger, the Writing Studio Coordinator at